Press Release - Niluh Djelantik to presents its Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Collection in Peru Moda 2016

Bali, April 2016


NILUH DJELANTIK is proud to launch its new Fall Winter 2016/2017 at PERU MODA 2016 Booth B118 / B119. The international trade show will be held on April 20-22, 2016 in Lima, Peru. This is a very exciting opportunity for the brand, especially since Niluh Djelantik is representing Indonesia in showcasing its finest products among other export companies and international buyers from around the world.



Founded in July 2003 by Niluh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik, the brand was originally known as Nilou. With a background in Marketing and passion for shoes, Niluh started her business with nothing but love. At first it could take her and her shoemakers up to two months to get a design right. Comfort is key to Niluh, and she aims to design high heels that can be worn comfortably for 8 hours. She tried and tested each product to find the right model; she uses the best materials; and she works with skillful shoe artisans that she considers her family. In a short amount of time, Nilou catches the attention of the fashion industry. A small brand from Bali was sold in Europe, Australia, Asia, and New Zealand.


In 2008, Nilou was re-branded to Niluh Djelantik, a name that resonates with Bali and Indonesia. As the principal designer and creative director, Niluh took pride in each and every one of her creation. All of the shoes and accessories are manufactured at the Bali atelier or, as they call it, the shoe-cave. Every product is 100% handmade with love by Indonesian shoe artisans who have been making shoes for 30 years, using high quality leather and materials.


“When you see our shoes, take a close look at all the details. It can take thousands of step and days of work to finish one pair of Niluh Djelantik shoes. Not many understand this, but they can feel it as they walked in these shoes. There are love, comfort and beauty in these shoes,” states Niluh proudly. 


Peru Moda 2016 will highlight textile, garment, footwear, jewelry, raw materials and services.

Niluh Djelantik will be standing tall among the best fashion brand in the world on the 2016 edition of Peru Moda. With the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affair and Indonesian Embassy in Lima, Niluh Djelantik will be presenting its upcoming Fall Winter 2016/2017 collection made of 38 designs and color combination.


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