It All Started With Love...

Niluh Djelantik is a luxury accessories brand, with shoes as its main passion, offering the ultimate comfort in a stylish and empowering design. It is the brand that took Indonesia’s name in the global game, while keeping close to its Balinese roots and heritage.

The brand took its name from its principal designer and creative director, Niluh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik. Born and raised in Bali, Niluh always had a love story with shoes. She started “Nilou” in 2003 with two local shoe artisans and managed to capture the attention of supermodel Gisele Bundchen in her tiny shop in Bali. Soon, Nilou was sold in Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. In 2008, Nilou was rebranded into Niluh Djelantik, making it closer to the founder’s vision and
Niluh’s aesthetic is distinctive. She represents the customers, modern-day women always on the go, women who love quality and appreciate beautiful things in life, women who understand that beauty doesn't equal with pain. Her product specializes in high heels, from 4 to 15 centimeters, that women can wear comfortably for hours.