Niluh Djelantik first interview in the Jakarta post (Dec 2008)

" Niluh Djelantik : If the designer shoe fits. "

Niluh first interview with The Jakarta Post - December, 04th 2008 


NILUH DJELANTIK: (JP/J.B. Djwan) As a child, Niluh Djelantik's shoes were always too big or too small. Her mother, a single parent struggling to give her daughter the best education possible, bought her school shoes "three or four sizes too large" so Niluh could get a few years' wear out of them. That is when Niluh's passion for shoes began. Today she is a world-class shoe designer and manufacturer, with the likes of Uma Thurman and supermodel Gisele B*ndchen wearing her high heels. "My passion started when I was very young. I can't say we were poor, because Mum sent me to the best school in Bali at the time, Saraswati. She had to work day and night to be able to afford that," Niluh said. "But we had to adjust our lifestyle; for the uniform Mum would get them made three or four sizes too large so I could grow into them. And that was a


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