Miss Universe 2015 representing Indonesia to wear Niluh Djelantik shoes for the competition

Thanks for coming to our store in Bali Anindya Kusuma Putri for custom sizing  and fitting, your shoes will be ready for the Miss Universe 2015 competition in Vegas on 20th December 2015 ! 

One fine day and a few hours chat with this amazing young lady who were introduced to me by my dearest friend who is also my favorite photographer, Dewandra Djelantik.

Meet Anin, Putri Indonesia 2015. She will represent our beloved country for Miss Universe 2015 held on December 20th, 2015. Go girl, we are proud of you ! I am very happy that Niluh Djelantik will accompany you and your beautiful feet, taking you to those colorful journey in Vegas next month !

You'll made it and thank you for being Pride of Indonesia and to show the world that our country is indeed worth fighting for ??????

Best of luck from the Niluh Djelantik Team 

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