Niluh Djelantik in the New York Times

We had the honor of being interviewed by The New York Times for their latest edition of their global shopping list, now covering NILUH DJELANTIK. 

Hard work pays off.

Thanks again for highlighting our savoir faire and services. If you come visit Bali come and say hi in one of our locations, we ll be happy to serve you and your feet.



“It’s a good place to have a small workshop for high-end products.”

Niluh Djelantik, a cobbler, agrees. Her flagship boutique stands out on the congested streets of Seminyak, Bali’s upscale beach resort. It is splashed with a 12-foot-high silhouette of a giant red stiletto. Such showy signage is a tip-off to the glamorous shoes inside. Except for an overstuffed golden sofa, the entire store is painted charcoal, an ideal backdrop to showcase her glittery, ornate designs; both Uma Thurman and Gisele Bundchen are fans. Every shoe is made on the island in Ms. Djelantik’s own 15,000-square-foot, 28-person workshop; her staff takes such pride in craftsmanship that one cobbler is notorious for noting and recording exactly which pair of shoes he makes. Another bonus of craftsmen on call, Bali-style: Most shoes are repaired for free, including new leathers, as many times as a customer needs and bespoke styles can easily be produced per a customer’s specifications.

Not a bad spot for vacation shopping." 




Full article here including other great bali based designers :

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