How to measure your feet and know your size in EUR / UK / US size

My Ladies, this is step by step on how to measure your feet to compare it with Euro / US / UK size charts. . If you have assistance, the best position is standing straight with one foot on the blank paper. But if you do it by your self then you may do it while sitting down on a low chair :-)


Step 1.

Measuring your feet. What you need :
1. A4 blank paper ( we can also email you our lined A4 paper )
2. measurement tape
3. a pen or sharp HB pencil.


Step 2.

Place one side of your foot on the paper. Standing position is better for more accurate result. Should you do it by yourself than you can do it while sitting on low chair.


Step 3.

Start drawing around the foot, then sweeping the pencil in at the arch. Try to hold the pencil as straight possible to draw the outline of the foot. Pencil also need to be sharp.

Step 4.

Measuring around the widest part at the joint. Always keeping the tape measure as straight as possible.


Step 5.

Take measurement at the instep. Please write down all detail next to where you put the measurement tape.

Step 6.

Calculate the foot length starting from the line from the heel part to the longest part of your toes. This will determine your foot length.

Step 7.

Take flat measurement on the widest part of your feet. For example on this session the widest part of Pipit foot is 9cm. This is important to determined your foot width.

Step 8.

You can start the same process for the other foot and to follow from step 2 to 7.


Final Result :

This is an example of foot measurement drawing. This time I am measuring Pipit feet


you can check your shoes size on this table image. Please keep in mind that your shoe size may vary based on style, shape and heel height.

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