Niluh Djelantik official online store officially opened

Dear NILUH DJELANTIK shoe lover,
I am very pleased to announce our NILUH DJELANTIK Website launch.
It has been 12 years since the company was born with the dream to craft the highest quality leather shoes and beautiful leather goods, designed personally and handmade by the best team of shoe artisans in our beautiful Indonesia. From that early dream to our latest Designer Collection our company has made its mark here and abroad by creating what has become the prestigious NILUH DJELANTIK Brand.  
In this our first On-line presence the NILUH DJELANTIK Website will serve and assist our mail order clients through Email communications that stay true to our Brand philosophy; to create with love, every step of the shoe journey experienced by our loyal customers from all over the world, many from three generations!
After months of preparation, we believe that our comprehensive Website is the answer to the countless questions and requests we received from our shoe lovers allowing them to search and purchase any design in any color from our Signature Collection.
I would like to thank all those who contributed to the launch of our website, especially to the Internet design team who have ensured that you’ll be experiencing a smooth and enjoyable journey on your visit to our website and online store.
I’ll be in touch again soon with more news, updates and a preview of the first Bridal, Kids and Men’s Collection.
Until then,
Enjoy exploring the new site!
With Love, NILUH

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