Gisele Bundchen spotted still wearing her Niluh Djelantik Shoes after 11 years

Apart from making you feel sexy, all our customers know how strong and well built our shoes are. So we were glad but not very surprised to see super model Gisele Bundchen still rocking her Niluh Djelantik Sandals more than 11 years after purchasing them. Gisele was seen wearing them during the latest Chanel Event in Cuba in may 2016.
Gisele loves Bali and the fashion icon decided to stop by our shop to purchase 2 pairs of Niluh Djelantik shoes during her 2005 trip to Bali.
Referred by Vogue as "strappy sandals" Gisele is wearing one of our vintage classic "Daria" from Nilou, maybe it's time to re-edit those for next spring ?
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Gisele Bundchen wearing her Daria sandals over the years : on the left side in Cuba during Chanel Cruise in may 2016 and on the right hand side in New York in 2009



sources :

June 2009

May 2016 (7 years later, still rocking her Niluh Djelantik Shoes):

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